Asobi steps up a gear with first electric toy line, DMX Racer

Launch campaign marks distributor’s first foray into TV advertising
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Asobi is expanding its portfolio with its first electrical toy, DMX Racer.

The battery-powered slot cars will launch this June with a campaign also marking the firm’s first foray into TV advertising.

DMX Racer uses infrared technology to control and race the vehicles around the track, allowing players to change lanes at any point in the race.

But despite the shift to the electrical toy market, Asobi insists that ‘providing inspiring toys for children’ remains at the core of the business.

Thierry Bourret, Asobi MD, told ToyNews: “The ethos of the DMX Racer is still very much in line with Asobi’s mission to provide high quality gifts.

“While it isn’t a slow toy, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great toy. It is very different from the rest of our portfolio, but it is a high quality gift that is a fantastic toy for family time. Family and quality are two of our most important values.”


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