Are more kids choosing outdoor play over computer games?

New report says 44 per cent of kids are playing outside more than they did two years ago.
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New report says 44 per cent of kids are playing outside more than they did two years ago.
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A recent study has shown that parents and their children are increasingly reverting back to outdoor play instead of electronic means of entertainment.

A poll of 1,250 UK parents of school-age children suggests 44 per cent of youngsters are now spending more time outside than they did two years ago.

Research undertaken for food manufacturer Arla’s Kids Closer to Nature campaign has suggested that 70 per cent of parents are spending less money on entertaining their children than they did two years ago.

The report found that children are missing out on traditional outdoor activities, with only 59 per cent of children ever flying a kite and 55 per cent having never climbed tree. This contrasts with the 68 per cent of children who own a computer games console and the 65 per cent who own a television or DVD player.

However, outdoor play appears to be making a come-back as parents are realising that it can be fun and educational, as well as money saving.

Author and child play campaigner Tim Gill has said: "Getting under the open sky - whether in a local park or the great British countryside - is the perfect way for kids to explore, have adventures and feed their curiosity and imagination."


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