Anki Drive's new Commanders to add 'deeper, richer gameplay experience'

Players can team up with Commanders or race against them.
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Anki has launched Commanders, a new addition to Anki Drive designed to give players a 'deeper, richer gameplay experience'.

The Anki Drive is an interactive battle racing game that sees racers interact with a free iOS app to race AI cars and add weapons to vehicles.

With the addition of Commanders, players can now battle against a group of in-game characters that live within the Anki Drive universe and interact with players via their mobile devices and through new sound elements.

Each Commander has a unique look, play style and personality as they take control of their cars just like real-life players and players can team up with Commanders or race against them.

The first ten Commanders will launch end of November for free starting with ShadowX, Winger, and Fuzz.

Players can unlock the additional seven Commanders by completing specific in-game challenges for each character.

Check out Commanders in action below:


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