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In our new column in association with Aardvark Swift, we find out about the daily lives of toy agents...
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Who are your current clients?

Vtech, Spinmaster, Drumond Park, Corinthian and Worlds Apart.

What ranges do you deal with?

Various as per above, from baby and pre-school to adult games.

What regional area do you cover?

North of England down to the Midlands

How many retailers do you deal with?

Around 80.

What do you enjoy most about being an agent?

Being out on the road and not confined to an office. Especially on a sunny day. Visiting different people everyday, there’s always something to talk about.

What car do you drive?

Audi A4

What’s your selling secret?

To build a relationship of trust with your customers. When they trust you, they will accept your product recommendations.

What’s your favourite service station?

I begrudge buying petrol from service stations as they charge a fortune. I do like to stop at a Little Chef and am very fond of an omelette breakfast, although I would like to try one of the chefs that Heston Blumenthal has had his hands on.

Do you have any funny/strange/ interesting stories from the road?

When I first became an agent I worked with my dad Rob, and I was very excited about the fact that he insured me to drive his car. The first time I drove it was in the Lake District, we’d stopped at the Little Chef for an omelette breakfast, and afterwards, I got in to drive for the first time.

Whilst driving along a dual carriage way a grouse ran out onto the road with five baby chicks behind her, so I swerved across the road at 60mph. Dad was rather unnerved, but no one was hurt. Later, I couldn’t remember the name of the bird, and, as I was new to the sales industry, I was also unaware of the other term for ‘144’ of a line. I proceeded to tell all my customers that I’d nearly run over a gross, which my dad found highly amusing.



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