Adventures of Merlin success boosts Topps collection

Impressive viewing figures for the current series are bolstering interest in licensed sticker collection.
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Mirroring the success of the show’s second series, the Topps collection is becoming popular on social networking sites and amongst the online community, with youngsters swapping and chatting online about the collection.

Ruth Leonard, entertainment marketing director of Topps, said: “We are delighted with the viewing ratings success that the series is having so far - as well as the popularity of the Topps collection amongst the Merlin audience.”

The Adventures of Merlin is currently being watched by an average of five million viewers per episode. The series airs in a primetime slot on BBC1 every Saturday evening.

Topps ‘Adventures of Merlin’ collection was launched in October, supported by a product sampling and editorial campaign in children’s magazines.

The collection includes 24 ‘magic mirror’ stickers to collect, which reveal hidden images when they move, as well as a competition to meet the cast of the hit show.


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