Action group seeks Youngsters assurances

A group of Youngsters members has formed an action group to ensure some debt protection.
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Around 25 former Youngsters members have sought and received assistance from the TRA and have also pledged money to finance additional legal representation in the wake of the buying group's demise.

Their concern is that they will be held liable for certain stock debts, while they will argue that Youngsters will be in breach of contract because the stock will not now appear in its catalogue.

The aim is to reduce the debt and seek some indemnity from Barclays that they will not be chased for payment once they have paid individual debts.

Anyone interested in finding out more can email Grant McKenzie at



Youngsters to attend Toymaster show?

Toymaster and Youngsters have taken the first steps towards developing a closer relationship, with Youngsters and Irish chain World of Wonder invited to attend the buying group's  looming Harrogate show.

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