Accentuate to welcome US and German versions

New editions will be backed by expansion packs and an iteration for children.
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US and German versions of accent- guessing game Accentuate will be launching this year.

The first release? will be a US version of the game featuring different dialects and accents from all across the states, while the firm will also diversify Accentuate further with a German edition of the game.

“Our focus will be on building our portfolio of High Street, independent and online retailers within the UK, whilst diversifying Accentuate geographically – first in the USA with a roll- out of a US version of Accentuate in Q2 2015,” commented Graeme Fraser-Bell, CEO at Accentuate Games.

“This will be followed by a German version in the third quarter.”

The Accentuate family will also welcome additions in the form of a version designed for youngsters, as well as several expansion packs to boost the gameplay for UK players.

“Our objectives are to secure licensees in North America and Europe, but in order to do so we need to anchor our position?in the UK market by expanding our above the line marketing activity,” continued Fraser-Bell.

“As well as the geographical extension of Accentuate, we’ll also be investing in junior Accentuate product line extensions, plus various expansion packs.”


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