3Doodler launches Powerpuff Girls activity kits

The set will include a new themed DoodleMolds, Doodlblocks, and a new plastic colour pallete.
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3Doodler has launched its new Start Powerpuff Yourself Pen Set & Activity Kit, in partnership with Cartoon Network.

The set features a special edition 3Doodler Start Pen, new themed DoodleMolds, DoodleBlocks and a new plastic color pallete, fans of the show will be able to create their own Powerpuff adventures.

In addition to series main characters Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, fans can also create their own characters to join the Super Squad.

“We know that for children and adults alike, the 3Doodler has always had a wow factor. Now, we’re delighted to add the ‘Pow Factor’ thanks to Cartoon Network and The Powerpuff Girls,” said Max Bogue, CEO of 3Doodler.

“The driving force behind 3Doodler is to make technology more creative, fun and relatable for users of all ages. Our first collaboration with Cartoon Network will allow children, parents and fans of The Powerpuff Girls to create their own adventures that bring their favourite characters to life.”

“We see this collaboration as a unique extension of the popular Powerpuff Yourself campaign, giving fans the opportunity to bring their inspirations into the real world through 3Doodler pens and accessories,” added Daniel Cowen, president of 3Doodler. “We’re excited to see what fans create and the adventures that these creations inspire.”


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