2 in 1 Globe shows what Earth looks like from space

Brainstorm's new illuminating educational toy shows city lights with colour-changing LEDs.
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Science and education specialist Brainstorm presents the new Eureka Toys 2 in 1 Globe: Earth by Day Earth by Night.

At night, this globe illuminates to show how cities light up Earth. It’s a representation of how our planet looks from space.

For many years, spacecraft and satellites have taken night photographs of the Earth from space, and now consumers can have this astronaut’s view of our world too. By day, cities viewed from space just look like grey marks, but by night, city lights give perhaps the single clearest indication of man’s habitation of Earth.

In the light, the 22.8cm diameter globe shows political boundaries and natural features such as lakes and rivers, capitals and major cities.

In a darkened room, courtesy of the light sensor, this clever globe transforms into an illuminated map of city lights with colour-changing LEDs.

Brainstorm: 01200 445113


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