TOY FAIR 09:Lego launches new Games range

Lego is launching a new constructible games range.
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Lego Games will launch in August 2009 with eight games across a range of price points, from £7.99 to £19.99, each offering a combination of classic Lego elements, and a unique “buildable” Lego dice.

Both the board and dice are ‘built’ in the traditional LEGO way with the game concept constructed and enacted as an extension of the Lego build experience. Each game can be redesigned and reconstructed. Games can be adapted, using Lego elements to enhance and evolve the game play. 

Designed to appeal to the existing core Lego fan base of boys aged six-plus, the Lego Games offering also extends to families who will be able to play together, and adults. 

"Lego Games presents a unique opportunity for Lego to diversify into a new growth area”, said Kirstin Bates, Commercial Manager Lego UK. “By involving the player from the outset in the design, layout and method of game play, the products offer a unique and immersive play experience. This is a natural step for the company which recognises games as a natural fit into our brand portfolio, teaming creativity with a fun and constructible play concept.”



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