Peppa Pig retains number one pre-school toy licence status

The Entertainment One character has held its position at the top for the second year running.
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The figures were released by NPD and are based on total sales of licensed toys for a full year from 2010 to 2011.

Despite the challenging retail landscape last year, sales of Peppa Pig were strong across the board. eOne reported that DVD sales for 2011 place the brand as the number one pre-school licence in the kids DVD chart, with sales of over five million units. Publishing partner Ladybird has also reported sales figures which position Peppa as the number one pre-school publishing licence.

The TV series, created by Astley Baker Davies, continues to be one of the highest rating shows on Channel Five’s Milkshake and Nick Jr. and further episodes are slated for development.

2011 also saw the brand’s extension into live events with the grand opening of Peppa Pig World at Paulton’s Park in Hampshire and a second live stage show, both of which generated substantial revenue for the brand.

Beyond the UK, it will be a significant year for Peppa Pig with full international product launches in the US, Australia, France, Benelux, Spain.

Andrew Carley, head of licensing, Entertainment One, said: "Peppa Pig holding the number one spot for total pre-school licensed toy sales is proof that the brand continues to dominate the pre-school market in the UK and is as popular as ever.

"With new international partners due to rollout in 2012, the potential of the brand overseas has yet to be realised and we’re extremely excited about what the future holds for Peppa Pig."


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