Official LEGO Big Bang Theory set on the way

Set has successfully passed the LEGO Ideas review stage.
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LEGO will be releasing an official Big Bang Theory set after the project successfully passed the review process on LEGO Ideas.

The toy company announced on Friday, November 7th that the concept – submitted by Alatariel Elensar – had been selected by the LEGO Ideas team to enter production.

The Big Bang Theory LEGO Building Set was entered to the LEGO Ideas programme in January this year, where it managed to secure 10,000 votes by June.

Peter Espersen from LEGO Ideas explained that the forthcoming Big Bang Theory set will be ‘a true match made in scientific heaven, because the brilliant characters in this popular American TV series appreciate LEGO bricks.’

Espersen of course alludes to the episode of the US comedy in which Sheldon dedicates a night to building a LEGO Death Star.

A Doctor Who LEGO set featuring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan Minifigures is also being considered for official release, the result of which is expected to be announced in January 2015.


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