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Lego unveils 'All Time Christmas List'

Research from Lego UK reveals the most wanted toys of all time.
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The research shows that the most wanted toys of all time are dolls and construction sets. Both are still in demand for children this year, with construction sets appearing on 45 per cent of children’s Christmas lists and dolls on 38 per cent.

When we were born has a big impact on the toys we would have wanted as children, with the research showing:

· Bikes, dolls such as Raggedy Ann and appliances, like toy cookers, were most likely to be on the lists of those in born in the 1930s

· Train sets, such as Hornby and Tri-ang Railways and dressing-up kits were most popular amongst those born in the 40s

· Board games like Monopoly, Scrabble and Ludo were most popular with children born in the 1950s

· Action figures like Action Man and skills games like Operation, Mouse Trap and Twister were most likely to be favoured by those born in the 60s

· Drawing toys like Etch a Sketch, Magna Doodle and Spirograph, along with action sets like Star Wars were most popular amongst those born in the 70s

· Car racing like Scalextric, Hot Wheels and Total Control, and construction sets such as Lego bricks were most favoured by those born in the 80s

· Cuddly toys, like Beanie Babies, Teletubbies and Furbys, along with computer consoles like the Nintendo Game Boy and Sony Megadrive were most likely to be on the lists of those born in the 90s

UK children’s Christmas lists this year are most likely to include a gadget (58 per cent) and computer-based gift (62 per cent) alongside more traditional items such as a book (63 per cent), board game or puzzle (57 per cent).

While toy choices change each year, some have remained under the Christmas tree for generations, with the research showing the most likely to re-appear across the ages are board games and puzzles, cuddly toys, creative and construction sets, such as Lego bricks. The research shows that Lego was played with by 85 per cent of adults as children.

Catherine Howell, collections officer at the V&A Museum of Childhood said: “Most of us have fond memories of our childhood toys and this nostalgia and love gets passed down the generations.

"Even though some toys get more and more sophisticated in our digital world, there will always be demand for the old favourites at Christmas.”


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