LEGO reality TV show to air in 2015

A reality competition show following the work of LEGO's Master Builders is a forerunner for the new show.
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LEGO has confirmed that a new reality TV show based on the popular range of plastic bricks is in the works.

And one of the ideas at the forefront of the move is a TV show revolving around the lives of LEGO Master Builders.

The Danish toy maker is currently exploring reality competition formats and will be launching its very own TV series in 2015.

Following the global success of The LEGO Movie, and the announcement of a roster of spin-off movies, including Ninjao and LEGO Batman, the move is part of the firm’s drive to further its entertainment and content sectors.

Jill Wilfert, LEGO’s vice president of global licensing and distribution, said: “We are exploring some reality competition show formats, which is new for us: the idea of becoming a Master Builder is something we think could be quite resonating.

“You will continue to see us in this entertainment and content space. We are working on a new property that will launch with a TV series in 2015, and we are focusing on having real interactivity.”


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