Lego launches collectable Minifigures

Firm will now offer the iconic toys individually for the first time.
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The first series of Minifigures will feature 16 characters, including a cheerleader, circus clown, super wrestler and spaceman.

The toys are sold individually in foil packaging and the first series will be available for a limited time only, with a new release of a further 16 figures being launched in September.

Lego has also unveiled a dedicated website for the Minifigures where fans can build their own character through My Own 'Collectabuildable' Minifigures at

Danielle Brazier, assistant brand manager for Lego Minifigures said: “Lego fans have been asking if it would be possible to collect individual Minifigures and I’m excited to announce that as from today the answer is ‘Yes’. 

“Minifigures have been an integral part of Lego for many years as they’re so iconic - now fans will be able to buy a new collectible set from this first launch series, available for £1.99 each.”

Martin Long, president of The Brickish Association (Adult Fans of Lego) added: “We’re really excited about the launch of Minifigures! They’re really cool little designs, some of them very surprising and quirky.

"There’s a big buzz within the Lego adult fan community and I’m so pleased that at last I can collect Minifigures.”


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