Lego brings back 80s Kipper ad

Firm is set to re-release its most famous advert on TV, online and in cinemas for the first time since 1983.
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The ad, created by TBWA won a number of awards and most recently featured in a list of the 100 greatest ads of all time, as voted for by Channel 4 readers and readers of The Sunday Times.

On December 4th the Kipper ad will be re-screened on TV to an adult audience and will run for four weeks, until January 4th with 260 TVRs.

The ad will also be sent out virally as well as being in cinemas for several Christmas blockbusters.

The animated ad and its Tommy Cooper voice-alike, illustrates the variety of things you can make out of Lego bricks through a battle between a mouse and a cat. The cat turns into a dragon and so on until the battle is between a submarine and a kipper, from which the ad takes its name.

Marko Ilincic, MD of Lego UK, explained: “This was a very popular TV ad, which a lot of adults remember fondly. What’s more it still epitomizes what the LEGO brand is all about – creativity.

“Together with a resurgence in retro toys coming in the UK toy market, we wanted to re-release the ad to an adult audience in the lead up to Christmas.”


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