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If you haven't heard of Dan & Phil then you've either been living under a rock... or are over the age of 25. With a combined viewership of over 10 million youngsters, Dan & Phil are an enormous brand in the online space. Now, the pair have branched out into consumer products with their board game Truth Bombs, developed in collaboration with Big Potato. We caught up with the pair to find out more about their first experience developing a game.

Why was Big Potato a good fit to represent your brand?

Dan & Phil: Before working on Truth Bombs with Big Potato, we were already fans of their work and owned most of their games! We even played Obama Llama on Phil's YouTube channel. We could see they were amazingly talented designers with a sense of humour that liked to make the kind of games we enjoyed. Plus it was nice that their studio was just down the road from us, so we could drop in to have face-to-face design and play-test meetings!

What was your involvement with creating the game?

D&P: The game concept is 100 per cent from Phil, and it's based on a game he'd invented years ago to play as an icebreaker when friends come around. Big Potato helped finesse gameplay elements and also with the styling of the game packaging. They were a wonderfully co-operative team to work with and really understood what we were trying to achieve with the game.

How do you ensure that your content remains authentic to yourselves whilst still being friendly to business partners?

D&P: We're only in the position we're in now, being able to release games, books and announce world tours thanks to the support of our audience. Ultimately they are the ones we always aim to please. Luckily when we get things right, they show their appreciation and support our projects. So when it comes to business, we think that the best course is to remain authentic to the content we create. Our audience is smart and they would know immediately if we were doing or promoting something that our hearts weren't into. We also made this game to be playable by anyone, regardless of if they watch our videos!

Do you have more board game projects in the pipeline?

D&P: Truth Bombs is still in its first year so we're concentrating on helping that reach as many players as possible. It's a great game and the online reviews from people who have never heard of us attest to that. Later on down the line though, it would definitely be fun to release another board game in theory. We've got more than a few ideas kicking around.

"Our audience is smart and they would know immediately if we were doing or promoting something that our hearts weren't into"

Whats your creative process like when devising and pitching new project ideas?

D&P: We don't have a formal process that we follow each time, but normally it would start with one of us coming up with an idea, writing it down and having to pitch it to the other. Not in cold boardroom way, just in our flat, like a softly furnished Dragon's Den. We're our own fiercest critics, so if it passes our internal pitch we're normally confident in sharing it with others.

Anything to add?

D&P: Living and working in the online, digital space, it has been refreshing to be able to launch a game that people can play around a table with their friends and family. It's good to know that even in the age of the internet people still love a traditional tabletop gaming session. 


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