Beckham Taj Mahal comment boosts Lego sales

David Beckham's recent Lego confession has boosted sales, according to the firm.
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The footballer caused the surge in popularity when he confessed that he spent his spare time in Italy constructing a replica of the Taj Mahal from Lego.

Since his comments, made in a television interview, sales of the 5,922-piece set shot up by 663 per cent in one day alone.

Lego has now invited him to submit any proposals he has for future kits.

"We would definitely love to hear if David Beckham has any ideas," said a Lego spokesperson.

"The very nature of Lego is that we encourage all our customers to get back to us with ideas and suggestions."

The company has also invited the Beckham family to visit the company's headquarters in Billund, Denmark, home of the Lego museum and the first Legoland park.

"We haven't heard back yet as they are away, but we would love them to come," said a Lego spokesperson.


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