SOUTH AFRICA: Lego sales up 54 per cent

Retail cross-promotions have helped Lego sales spike in South Africa.
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Joint-promos with Toys R Us, including life-sized Lego and a series of road-shows have helped boost sales in the region. Sales are up 54 per cent over the past three years.

"Promotions like building the life-size fireman are the icing on the cake and handsomely repay the investment of time and effort," said Toys R Us director, Issy Zimmerman.

Lego South Africa director, Gavin Mansour adds: "One of the successes of the Lego brand has been the fact that, although the design of the famous original ‘bricks’ has changed several times since they were first invented – in wood – in 1949, the company has ensured that since the modern brick (in plastic) was patented in 1958, all bricks made subsequently are compatible with all others.

"Obviously, each store that hosts a fireman-building weekend sees an increase in Lego product sales," says Mansour. "Much more importantly, though, hundreds of children apply during the weeks leading up to the event to work with the model builder in putting the fireman together. That means that they and their parents are talking about Toys R Us and Lego for a long time before and after the event. And that’s very good for both businesses."


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