Marathon Mann training is 12 months ahead of schedule

Toy Trust chairman Robert Mann's 2010 London Marathon training is one year of schedule, having discovered he is in the 2011 race
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Having been pounding the roads since November and with a couple of shorter distance events under his belt, Robert Mann's training for this year London Marathon has hit a snag with the news that he's actually entered for the 2011 race.

Which, turning that into a positive, means he is now well ahead of schedule with his training programme.

Mann told ToyNews: "Training started in November 2009 with the first run of five minutes with three energy breaks and a weekend in bed through shock.

"The Brass Monkey was the first challenge in the training programme, when I completed the six mile course in 61 mins and 35 secs. There was some elation at beating the guy in the Gorilla outfit but it was a challenge to catch up with the one legged man.

"The first Kilomarathon in the UK took place on 14th March from Nottingham to Derby, a distance of 26.2 km (16.2 miles). A remarkable time of three hours and five minutes with no walking was amazing but, again, the one legged man in the Blue Man outfit stormed ahead.

"Training is continuing and my inspiration this year will be watching the London Marathon on TV. The next events are the London Olympic Triathlon on 7th August followed by The Great North Run on 19th September."

You can sponsor Robert on his epic journey to the London Marathon by logging into the Virgin Money giving site here


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