FEATURE: A symbiotic relationship

Roland Earl, BTHA director general looks at the relationship between toys and licensing.
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The toy and licensing industries started to interact with each other more than 50 years ago, when Sir Stanley ‘Wizard of Dribble’ Matthews ‘recommended’ New Footy Table Soccer and, since then, a much closer relationship has developed between the two, much to the financial benefit of both sides.

More than 25 per cent of toys (by value) sold in the UK these days are character licences in one shape or form. The relationships between the licensing and toy businesses are well established and important for both sectors. About ten per cent of all attendees to Toy Fair are licensors and over 40 per cent of all visitors to Brand Licensing Europe are interested in toys.

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A symbiotic relationship

Toys and licensing have always had a natural kind of fit, with each helping drive the other?s business and bringing in large amounts of sales. Roland Earl, director general of the BTHA, explains why and offers some pointers on how to make this special relationship work to the best advantage?

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