Product Sector Guide

Dolled up and looking plush: ToyNews’ guide to the latest in the dolls and plush markets

Both staples of the traditional toy sector, the doll and plush markets have seen a year of strong sales and investment among gift-givers, parents, and families looking for long play value and toys that encourage empathy and social development – in a year of social distancing – through nurture and …

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Early Earners: ToyNews’ guide to the latest products in the pre-school sector

Housing some of the industry’s most established brands and toy manufacturers, as well as some of its biggest and most successful licenses, the pre-school sector sits at the very heart of the toy space. As such, it has been at the front line of this year’s evolving consumer trends, that …

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A Family Fare: ToyNews’ guide to the latest in the Games & Puzzles market

Sales surges of 240 per cent at the height of lockdown, reports of some manufacturers hitting Q4 levels of sales throughout June, and a nation that owes its sanity to the vast spectrum of board games and puzzles out there and the retailers and suppliers that have been keeping them …

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