Steamforged Games’ DARK SOULS miniatures available for pre-order

Tabletop game creator and publisher Steamforged Games has unveiled a range of DARK SOULS miniature sets, coming later this year.

These miniatures will be official depictions of iconic characters, enemies, and artefacts from Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. and FromSoftware’s hugely popular DARK SOULS video game series. Famous for its punishing but rewarding gameplay and revolutionary level design, the series has sold over 27 million copies to date.

The miniatures build on Steamforged Games’ distinguished record of bringing DARK SOULS to the tabletop, with the hugely successful DARK SOULS: The Board Game and DARK SOULS: The Card Game selling over half a million copies.

So far, six miniature sets have been revealed in this wave:

  • The Silver & the Dead
  • Silver Knight Greatbowmen
  • Hollow Crossbowmen
  • Unkindled Heroes Pack 1
  • Guardian Dragon
  • Unkindled Heroes Pack 2

Containing 1-6 miniatures in each, the boxes will include stat cards for each miniature so players can easily incorporate them into their 5th Edition roleplaying campaigns.

These miniatures can be used with any tabletop roleplaying game. They’ll also appeal to collectors and painters looking to expand their collection of licensed DARK SOULS products.

Steamforged has also released character sheet PDFs on its website to help players build DARK SOULS characters for their RPG sessions.

Steamforged’s full range of DARK SOULS products, including DARK SOULS: The Board Game, DARK SOULS: The Card Game and DARK SOULS: The Roleplaying Game, can be viewed on their webstore.

The new DARK SOULS miniature sets are available to order now. For the latest updates, sign up to the Steamforged newsletter. For trade enquiries, contact

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