PLAYMOBIL introduces Duck on Call

PLAYMOBIL is introducing a new theme world and animated series featuring Ducklas, a cheeky boy trapped in a duck’s body, who leads exciting missions together with his three young friends – a firefighter, policewoman and emergency doctor. The new PLAYMOBIL sets are designed to be full of innovation and offer tons of fun for kids aged 3-5 years.

Playmoville is a unique place where kids are in charge and fabulous things happen. This is where the young rescue heroes Freddy Fire, Polly Police, and Mikey Medic embark on adventures as they help the townspeople with their problems. But the team would not be complete without Ducklas, who was transformed into a duck by the mysterious Mr. Hans. To become a boy again, he must complete a heartfelt act of kindness. The four friends work around the clock to help the people of Playmoville and Queen Mayor in all kinds of emergencies. If only Ducklas would stop accidentally messing things up…

Freddy Fire, Polly Police, and Mikey Medic are ready for action with their cool emergency vehicles whenever help is needed. The emergency vehicle play sets feature a new modular design that makes it easy to mix and match, creating new variations depending on the accessories and gadgets used – so they will suit any mission. Whether an unlucky racecar driver needs help, a cat needs rescuing or a thief is on the loose, the team (together with Ducklas) is always prepared.

As well as assorted rescue vehicles, the range also includes the DUCK ON CALL Mobile Operations Center, and the DUCK ON CALL Headquarters, which features a freefall slide and elevator. More play sets are due to launch this summer. A DUCK ON CALL advent calendar will also be available from the beginning of September.

Kids can also enjoy an animated CGI series which follows Ducklas on his adventures throughout Playmoville, and features plenty of action and humour. The pilot episode will premiere in March, with further episodes slated for June.

During the development of all DUCK ON CALL playsets, special focus was placed on children’s ergonomics and motor skills, so that younger children (ages 3-5 years) will enjoy the experience. For example, the weight-shifting steering in the three emergency vehicles allows children to steer them using only one hand. Additionally, easy-to-use features such as the water cannon, rotating ladder and slides, as well as interactive light and sound effects, provide tons of fun. Even young rescuers can master changing the modules of the emergency vehicles, too.

DUCK ON CALL is available at Prices from £14.99


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