Cyanide & Happiness chooses Gamefound for next party game

Explosm, the company behind the brand Cyanide & Happiness, is launching a new campaign for its latest party game on Gamefound, a crowdfunding platform dedicated to gaming. Their two previous games, Joking Hazard and Trial By Trolley, were among the top 30 most backed Kickstarter projects of all time.

When Kickstarter announced its intent to move to a blockchain model last winter, Cyanide & Happiness joined a number of creator voices expressing their disappointment in this direction. They began looking for an alternative crowdfunding platform for their newest project. During this search, Gamefound quickly established itself as a viable alternative due to its robust backend tools and features.

“Gamefound is the perfect crowdfunding platform for tabletop games. They looked at every frustrating part of other platforms, and fixed all of it. It’s amazing for both creators and backers. Gamefound was built from the ground up by people who’ve raised millions on Kickstarter, and it shows,” says Rob DenBleyker, co-creator of Cyanide & Happiness and co-founder of Explosm. “I think Gamefound’s features will help make our next party game campaign even more fun and engaging for fans, too.”

In regards to the upcoming game, Explosm co-founder Dave Mcelfatrick says: “There’s no other game quite like it! People are gonna be cry-laughing as they get to know their friends a little more intimately. You’ll be saying some stuff you never imagined. If you like getting weird, this is absolutely the best game for you.”

The company’s new crowdfunding campaign will launch via Gamefound on 04/05/22. As with their previous crowdfunding campaigns, the company plans to create an interactive experience to allow fans to join in the fun and laugh along with them.

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