Brazilian toy market buoyant ahead of ABRIN International Toy Fair

The Brazilian International Toy Fair (ABRIN 2022), the largest event in the toy market in Latin America, is taking place from March 13 to 16, at the Expo Center Norte in Sao Paulo.

The Brazilian toy market experienced growth of 14% and generated revenue estimated at R$ 8.7 billion (around US$ 1.5 billion) in 2021, following the excellent results of 2020 (21% growth, the largest rise in recent years).

Today, with an average annual release of 1,400 toys, the sector has around 1,600 specialised points of sale and 15,000 retailers in the country. More than 2,100 new professionals were hired in 2021 alone, despite the effects of the covid-19 pandemic, in an industry that has 73% of its market made up of national products.

The great concentration of sales is on account of Children’s Day and Christmas, which together represent 65% of business in the year. The average ticket in 2021 exceeded R$ 100.00 (US$ 17), while product prices remained stable and the industry offered 1,300 new toys.

The Brazilian Association of Toy Manufacturers (ABRINQ) predicts an even more favourable 2022, with the high value of the dollar against the Real providing a positive shield role for the industry.

Against this buoyant background, ABRIN 2022 will be going ahead from March 13 to 16, with more than 130 exhibitors and around 1,500 launches. Health protocols will be followed to ensure a safe environment for all participants.

Promoted by Francal Feiras and ABRINQ, ABRIN 2022 takes place at a favourable moment for the opening of the business calendar for the year. According to the manufacturers’ association, there are still several factors that can be worked on for the sector to grow at least 6% more this year.

Among them are the removal of obstacles by the Brazilian authorities for a better performance of the companies, the privatisation plan, the financing for products and factories with more attractive interest rates, and the reduction in the price of essential inputs for production, such as gas and electricity.

Accreditation for professional visitors from outside the country is open until 10 March and can be done virtually through the event’s website by following this link.


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