YouTube ads drive purchase behaviour better than VOD and social media, study reveals

Kid-safe contextual advertising platform Precise TV and Giraffe Insights, a leading kids, youth and family research agency, have released a study revealing YouTube commercials drive better purchase behaviour than other mediums such as TV VOD (video on demand), broadcast TV and social media.

In a survey of 2,000 families, including kids between the ages of two and 12 years old and their parents, 70 percent of kids agree contextually aligned commercials drive higher ad recall. Further, parents indicated in-store shopping is down 56 percent while online shopping is up 79 percent. Mobile and social commerce are also on the rise with parents shopping more on social media (69%) and shopping apps (76%).

“This is a particularly important study at a time when marketers are looking to better integrate the management of campaigns on YouTube, connected TV and traditional TV, rather than manage them separately,” says Christian Dankl, Precise TV Co-Founder and Chairman. “These findings are being incorporated into our mix of proprietary machine-learning models to help advertisers responsibly target households with ads that will not only be welcomed by families but also have a higher likelihood of driving purchase intent.”

LEGO is by far the most recalled brand across YouTube, TV VOD (video on demand), broadcast TV and social media. Even when zooming out from YouTube to TV VOD (video on demand), LEGO is still the most recognisable brand in terms of ad recall. Another top recalled brand that will come as no surprise is Amazon, which enjoys top 10 ad recall across platforms with the exception of TV VOD.

“This data suggests that LEGO is winning the attention of kids because of a deliberate multi-platform video ads strategy,” says Holly Paxman Gibb, VP of Kids Media Program Sales U.S. at Precise TV. “Further, the data proves that LEGO’s alignment with the contextually relevant content has a direct impact on both online and in-store sales.”

“Our research helps the industry keep a finger on the pulse of what content kids love – both programming and ads – and further demonstrates a correlation between contextually aligned ads and purchases,” comments Maxine Fox, Managing Director at Giraffe Insights. “YouTube is the channel where ads are more likely to be contextually aligned. However, it’s important to note the statistically significant presence of additional channels such as traditional television, gaming and mobile.”

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