Christmas needn’t be rubbish with a JUNKO Zoomer! Kit

Christmas can be wonderful, but it’s also a time of huge waste and excess.

  • Almost two-thirds of the UK’s best-selling branded groceries come in packaging that is not fully recyclable.
  • Four-in-ten products have no labelling to show if they can be recycled. 
  • We’ll buy enough card packaging to cover Big Ben nearly 260,000 times and enough wrapping paper to go from earth to the moon.
  • We’ll buy 10 million turkeys, wrapped in 3,000 tonnes of plastic destined for landfill
  • In the UK we currently recycle just 230,000 tonnes of waste a year domestically, yet we produce over 5 million tonnes. .

Family-owned UK toy maker Planet JUNKO has used popular food packaging and one of its JUNKO Zoomer! Kits to show how much waste there is after just one meal – and how it can be given a second life as a toy rubbish truck.

“We’re definitely not poo-pooing Christmas but we do want to make brands and consumers more aware of the scale of the problem,” says inventor Pete Rope, founder of Planet JUNKO. “We believe thinking creatively about waste is essential to our future… and it’s a great feeling for kids to make anything they can imagine from nothing. We’re the perfect toy to reuse all Christmas gift packing – make Boxing Day JUNKO day!”

Planet JUNKO kits enable kids to transform old boxes, juice cartons or food tubs into incredible toys with reusable parts made from recycled plastic. The aim is to draw kids’ attention to waste and help them to think about it creatively.

“If every child aged between five and eleven made two toys a year instead of being two cheap ones that will break and end up being thrown away, it could save 5,700 tonnes of landfill each year,” says Pete.

JUNKO kits are manufactured in the EU from recycled plastic, packaged plastic-free and can be used again and again. The product won top prize in the Editor’s Choice for Eco-Creativity category at this year’s Made for Mums Awards.

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