The Toy Zone reveals every country’s must-have toy

With mere days of Christmas shopping time remaining, U.S. toy review site The Toy Zone has analysed Google global search data to see which toys are being hunted for by frantic parents around the world.
The Toy Zone team also analysed the most popular toys by category, breaking down the most searched-for 90s toys, consoles, TV toys, classic toys, board games, dolls, building and construction toys, and superhero toys.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, the PlayStation 4 is the most popular toy in the highest number of countries, both worldwide and within North America. Although the PS5 has just celebrated its one-year birthday, supply issues mean it lags in popularity next to its predecessor. Nine countries in North America search for the PS4 more than any toy, and just three search mostly for the PS5 (Bahamas, US, Virgin Islands).
The PS5 doesn’t even feature among the most-searched toy across South American countries. But the PS4 secures top place in four countries, tying with a more old-skool rival: Barbie. The definitive doll brand has a long tradition of representing Latin American culture, and Chilean athlete Francisca Mardones became the first Paralympian to get her own Barbie this year.
Lockdown didn’t only boost gaming: it boosted sales of Danish-branded toy building bricks. But Lego’s killer move was pairing up with Nintendo for a best-selling Super Mario starter set. Lego is the most popular toy in 11 European countries, edging out the PS5 (ten countries) and PS4 (nine).
Another plastic classic proved more popular in Europe than elsewhere. Playmobil is the most-searched toy in six European countries, but nowhere outside of Europe.
The PS4 and PS5 dominate much of the Middle East. Barbie, Lego, and the Xbox are most popular in just six of the 20 countries in this region. The LEGO Foundation is engaged in the region, providing ‘learning through play’ for marginalized children in Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan.
Barbie is the most popular toy in Africa, if PlayStations 4 and 5 are considered separate toys. The doll is most popular in 15 countries, followed by PS4 (13) and PS5 (6).
For the full report and infographics, and an interactive search table arranged by country and category, click here.

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