Top 5 tips for toy brands to crack social media this Christmas

The last couple of weeks in the run-up to Christmas are crucial for retailers, and social media can be invaluable in helping to drive sales. We asked Polly Barnfield OBE, retail expert and CEO of Maybe* Tech, for her top tips on how toy shops can crack social media this Christmas.

  • “Settle on one or two social media platforms and do them well rather than trying to spread yourself too thinly across every platform. Our research shows that whilst many independent toy shops achieve their best posts on Instagram, Facebook remains the best platform to drive overall engagement.”
  • “Consider ways of creating content that will engage with visitors to your profiles. This could be competitions that would appeal to parents, but also issues pertinent to your local community, the heritage and history of your business, championing ‘shop local’ initiatives, to highlight events happening in stores and, of course, new and exciting products. Remember, in the run up to Christmas, exciting and magical store experiences can be memorable for both parents and children, and you can increase footfall and social media engagement by championing your bricks and mortar store and not just your online offering.”
  • “Children are used to consuming toy content on YouTube and this presents an opportunity for toy shops to talk directly to younger customers, rather than just the parents. Use social media to point parents to your YouTube channel so that children can watch unboxing of new toys and games or join in with live events such as Lego build-alongs.”
  • “Try not to only use product shots from suppliers and toy brands on your social media. This means it is hard for you to differentiate your shop on social media from any other. Use your store environment to capture images of the toys you’re selling, show off your Christmas window! It can bring to life your physical environment digitally and at the same time enable you to add a degree of your own brand to your social media content.”
  • “For independent retailers there is a real opportunity for you to differentiate yourself on social media using your community identity and your staff to remind local shoppers that you are there – and offer something unique this Christmas and beyond.”

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