The Insights Family releases Future Forecast 2022 report

Kids, parents, and family market intelligence experts The Insights Family have launched their annual Future Forecast 2022 report, which predicts some of the key trends in the kids, parents and family universe to watch out for next year.

Predictions include:

  • Direct to consumer retail to accelerate among kids, due to its strong resonance with Generation Now – a generation of kids who feel empowered in their decision making, who crave instant gratification and expect anything, anytime, anywhere.
  • The impact of Purpose first, and how “Purpose” could become the 8th “P” in the marketing mix – with Parents Insights data tracking the significant movement away from family purchase behaviours being influenced by friends or blogs.
  • The impact of the “flexible family” will see new opportunities in terms of the times of the week families can share experiences, which are likely to further fuel the experience economy as the influence of kids is expected to grow across all family purchasing decisions.
  • Education to be reinvented and for the creation of school for the family, based on the growth of family-focused edutainment and education experiences.

Nick Richardson, Founder and CEO at The Insights Family comments: “Our purpose is to provide kids, parents and families with a voice. Every year we track their attitudes, behaviour and consumption in real time, and the speed of change we are seeing cannot be underestimated. We are seeing more and more examples in our data, as to why every organisation needs to become ‘family first’, and our team’s predictions for 2022 highlight a number of exciting opportunities and challenges for organisations to deal with.”

Future Forecast 2022 is the fourth iteration of the report, which has previously predicted the rise of Direct to Consumer (2017), Generation Speak (2018) and Co-Creation (2020).

The report, which is inspired by the company’s extensive knowledge and insight of surveying more than 500,000 family members across 18 countries every year, has continued to track and monitor the impact of a number of key factors such as Covid, technology and the environment and how they are transforming the attitudes, behaviour and consumption of kids, parents and families around the world.

The complimentary 26-page Future Forecast report is available to download by visiting

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