Add extra sparkle to the festive season with SmartGames’ latest releases

SmartGames, the manufacturer of multi-level logic games, has unveiled three new brain busters aimed at minds young and old – all with added sparkle.

The trio of new products comprises Diamond Quest, “a true gem for players to dig into”, IQ Digits, a colourful number-crunching challenge, and Cubiq, a 3D puzzle with vibrant patterns.

Diamond Quest has players mining jewels in a bid to discover the location of a red diamond. The game keeps players on their toes as they have to use the “mine” of information from the hints and clues as they work through the challenge booklet provided. The deeper players dig, the more their deduction skills will be tested.

For ages 10 and over, the game features 80 challenges, from easy to expert, and supports the development of logical thinking, planning and problem solving.

Putting a fun spin on number crunching, IQ Digits is the latest arrival in the bestselling IQ collection. Players need to place all the puzzle pieces on the game board, while ensuring that the numbers add up.

Suitable for ages 7 and up, IQ Digits features 120 challenges, and will help stimulate concentration, logic and problem solving as players work through the booklet of trials from easy to expert. Solutions at given at the back.

Finally, challenging players to create 3D patterns with eight bright puzzle pieces and their eight white counterparts, Cubiq puts the spatial insight, logic and deduction skills of players aged seven and over to the test. The transparent tray opens to become the game board. Cubiq can also be enjoyed as a two-player game.

Each game comes in its own robust compact case, making them ideal to keep in your bag when out and about.

Commenting on the new launches, Karen Clarke, UK Brand Director of Smart Toys and Games said: “It’s always exciting to launch new games and one which sends the players in search of a diamond is sure to be a winner! Whether children (or adults) are looking for a game of numbers, one that sees them digging for the answer, or creating a colourful 3D cube – this trio of new games promises hours of fun!”

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