Kidrobot and Dungeons & Dragons partner for plush toys and collectables

Kidrobot and Dungeons & Dragons have launched a brand-new range of exclusive plush toys and collectables, available now for pre-order on

Kidrobot is partnering with Wizards of the Coast, the leading company in fantasy role-playing adventures, with an officially licensed assortment of Dungeons & Dragons PHUNNY plush toys as well as the Dungeons & Dragons Monsters 3” Vinyl Mini Series 1. PHUNNY plush exclusives include the Beholder, Owlbear, Displacer Beast, Kettlesteam, Red Dragon, Bulette and more.

The Dungeons & Dragons Monsters 3” Vinyl Mini Series 1 features famous monsters from the 1st edition of Dungeons & Dragons made miniature. They’re blind-boxed to maintain rarity and collectability. Fans can order a single blind-boxed figure or a case of 24 blind-boxed figures. Wave 1 possibilities include Beholder, Displacer Beast, Fire Elemental, Ghoul, Mimic, Mind Flayer, Red Dragon, Remorhaz, Roper, Rust Monster, Sahuagin, Salamander, and Xorn.



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