Little Tikes: “Tobi Robot Smartwatch success will see us expand our offering in the tech space”

The New Year and beyond will see pre-school market specialists continue to expand its offering in the tech space, following the record success of the launch of its Tobi Robot Smartwatch this year.

The pre-school division of the global MGA Entertainment business has confirmed that its mission to seek to “innovate and push boundaries” will stay at the forefront of the business as it moves into 2021.

The sentiments are encouraged by the “amazing success of Tobi” and the reviews that the company has received to date, proving, according to the Little Tikes’ UK head of marketing, Michelle Lilley, “that parents are keen to invest in educational tech for their children.”

“We’re not expecting the trend to die down anytime soon,” Lilley told ToyNews. “We’re looking forward to 2021 with confidence. We are launching some innovative products and building on our infant pre-school and tech offering alongside large outdoor and ride-on campaigns. 

“We’ll also be launching our biggest summer TV campaign to date, in addition to strong PR and digital campaigns.”

Little Tikes has billed reception to the Tobi Robot Smartwatch as “fantastic” with a record success following its launch across PR and media earlier this year. The launch has been cited as ‘the perfect safe gadget to introduce children to technology,’ with its ability to not only store photos and video, but engage children in a range of interactive games.

“During the pandemic, parents have naturally been using tech to keep kids occupied and to educate and we’re expecting to see the demand for tech toys to online increase,” said Lilley. 

“Launching the Tobi Robot Smartwatch has placed us firmly in a key new category as well as taking us into new segments with Tobi targeting the four plus age group.”

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