TKC Sales sees Stomp Rocket awareness on the rise with TV, national media, and awards coverage

Television airtime, national media Christmas Gift Guide coverage, and a social media family influencer campaign, has helped to take the consumer awareness of TKC Sales’ multi award-winning Stomp Rocket ‘to new heights’ this season, as the firm expects to see momentum continue into spring 2021.

Not only did the Original Super High Performance Stomp Rocket Kit win a Creative Play Award earlier this year, but it has recently been featured as one of the 27 best Christmas presents for kids via Hello! Online’s seasonal round-up, and the Daily Mail’s Christmas Gift Guide for kids.

In fact, the brand has been experiencing some major media attention this season, as consumer awareness around the 20 year old Stomp Rocket brand continues to rise. The Stomp Rocket Junior glow featured in the Daily Telegraph’s Halloween party piece, while the Stomp Rocket BLO-Rockets were rated as ‘Cool’ on CiTV’s Scrambled.

The PR strategy has reached an estimated more than 10 million family consumers, so far. That number is expected to grow as the brand continues to reach consumers through its organic social media campaign, while it is working with family influencers to showcase the range as a must-have Christmas gift this year. 

Matt Woodruffe, director of TKC Sales, said: “We’re excited to see such a positive response to the newly packaged Stomp Rocket range, which we feel offers kids the perfect blend of education through STEM learning and the fun of getting outdoors and active.

“It’s great to see the range being well received across the whole spectrum of media, including parents online, plus national, parenting and kids media alike. As we look forward to spring 2021, we’re excited to build on this early momentum generated through SV Comms.” 

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