Zimpli Kids launches its first Interactive brochure to showcase its 2021 products

In response to the postponement or cancellation of the traditional Toy Fair season at the year’s opening in 2021, and with uncertainty still the presiding feeling among many, Zimpli Kids has created its first Interactive brochure with which to showcase its newest products for the year ahead.

The past few months have seen Zimpli hard at work developing a range of new lines for 2021, and has decided that ‘there’s no better way to showcase it all’ than through its interactive brochure, a digital launch that will enable customers to engage with product demos while meeting members of the Zimpli team.

“As we aren’t able to see any of you at tradeshows in 2021, we thought that an interactive brochure would be a fantastic way to showcase our new and existing lines,” said Jessica Coy, head of marketing at Zimpli Kids.

“We actually had so much fun creating the videos, we hope everyone enjoys is as much as we did. Don’t forget to watch our bloopers video on the last page to see that parts that didn’t go to plan.”

Zimpli Kids has a selection of new products including Baff Bombz, Galaxy Slime and a fully Eco friendly, biodegradable range. 

Click here to view the Zimpli Kids interactive brochure www.zimplikids.com/resources  

The Zimpli team are also ready to take virtual meeting bookings for 2021. Visit www.Zimplikids.com/virtualmeeting 

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