STEAM toy maker Twin Science and its mission to shape the way manufacturers and consumers view toys

The STEAM toy and construction kit specialist, Twin Science, has outlined its mission to shape the way both toy makers and consumers view toys by acting to ‘connect humanitarian values with 21st Century education.’ It’s part of the firm’s central message of making toys that empower children, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

It’s with thanks to the company’s continued dedication to the cause of ‘reforming the world’s education system’ and its target to do away with its ‘one-size fits all’ mentality within it, that recently won Twin Science its Toy Industries of Europe Play for Change accolade when the inaugural awards event took place earlier this year.

As cultural and physical landscapes across the globe continue to shift under the feet of the coming generations, it is the belief of Asude Altintas Guray, CEO and co-founder of Twin Science, that now, more than ever before, the toy industry needs to “use every means to empower children, and equip them with the tools they need to thrive.”

“We live in unsettling, uncertain, and inequitable times,” Altintas Guray told ToyNews. “Climate change, pandemics, poverty. Today’s children face big battles in the future, so we need to give them the chance for a fair fight. We should use every mean to empower them and equip them with the tools they need to thrive. It’s time for a change.”

By connecting humanitarian values, and with the help of 21st Century education, Altintas Guray suggests that Twin Science is primed to influence others across the industry to “start exploring the endless possibilities of creating fun toys with positive and impactful messages behind them.”

Altintas Guray continued: “In this way, we can kick start the conversation on finding ways to reach kids across the world, regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds, and make their toys the thing that empowers them to succeed.”

Here, ToyNews catches up with Twin Science’s co-founder and CEO, Asude Altintas Guray to find out more about the company’s ongoing mission to empower children today and prime them for the future world of tomorrow.

Hello Asude, firstly, congratulations on the recognition and the Play for Change award win. What does this mean for you guys, and how do you think the award is reflective of attitudes and approaches towards the empowerment messaging in the toy space?

It is a privilege to be awarded by a platform that shares such similar values and vision as we do. Toys are oftentimes the building blocks for children to spark their imagination, develop their confidence, and learn about the world. At our core, we are dedicated to raising awareness about inequality in educational technology and nurturing children with humanistic values through an analytical mindset.

With that mindset, we will continue using our voice and products to inspire and empower those around us. We are honoured by the opportunity to share our vision and values and help be a part of the conversation that is now reshaping the toy space and actively creating room for those who wish to join.

How do you think consumers are receiving the message and responding to the empowerment messaging? What impact would you like to see your products/campaign make, on a global scale? 

First, we celebrated this success with our employees. Their hard work, dedication, and support are what brought us to where we are now, and it was wonderful to see the positive effect the award had on them. We know that every single one of them is truly invested in the impact that our kits create and we can see this connection in our consumers too.

We witnessed that this award was like recognition for our hard work and showed that we are on the right path. We hope to actively shape the way producers and consumers view toys. By connecting humanitarian values and with a 21st-century education we can influence others toy makers to start exploring the endless possibilities of creating fun toys with positive and impactful messages behind them.

In this way, we can kick start the conversation on finding ways to reach kids across the world, regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds, and make their toys the thing that empowers them to succeed.


The Twin Science kit for the visually impaired took silver in the Play for Change awards this year

Why is the empowerment message an important one for you guys? Why do you think it is important for the toy industry to be promoting this messaging?

Today’s children will be the changemakers of the future, so we strongly believe that we should empower them with the right tools now so that they can solve the problems of tomorrow. Children should develop future skills and use their skills for good.

We understand that toys are one of the best ways to impart beneficial skills and holistic values in a child’s mind. Toys are not some random activities; they should have a purpose. They should teach social skills, give them an understanding of the society they live in and promote children´s cognitive development.

Toys are the foundation for developing world views. Therefore, the toy industry holds a significant place in a child’s life, one that we think should be filled with positive human values and skills.

How can empowerment be explored through play? How are you presenting that message? What does empowerment encompass?

Each child develops at a different speed, and toys should give them the time to experiment and discover life. Our job is simple. To give kids all the tools and access they need to learn the science behind the craft. Twin teaches both technological advancement and human compassion. Kids learn about interpersonal skills, creativity, and empathy, while also developing their motor skills, analytical thinking, and problem-solving powers. Kids learn real-life skills like coding, robotics, and AI.

By encouraging kids to explore life’s possibilities through our toys, we are helping them discover their talents, interests, and confidence.

How seriously do you think the toy industry is taking this topic? How can it improve its approach towards it across the board? Is it something the breadth of the industry can be promoting?

Thankfully, there is an effort by the toy industry to create safe and inspiring spaces and toys for kids, however, we there need to be more of a collective and concerted effort to discuss this topic. There is no doubt that new approaches are being discussed and applied by well-established brands, which is actively influencing many new players in the industry.

If there was more of an effort to reaching out to families to not only teach them about the importance play but to start constructive conversations on they could contribute, we think it could spark more organic ways of developing the right kinds of toys.

What do you think will be the next steps for the empowerment movement? What will be your own next steps?

We believe that human knowledge and love grow by sharing. Our mission is to advance learning by bridging the gaps in toy space and the education system. Twin implies being two-winged by heart and mind. Twin not only presents the most advanced technology to children, but it also delivers it to those in the most disadvantaged echelons of society.

We hope to fill the knowledge gap in a society and provide equal opportunities for leisure and experience with science for kids. We dream of empowering all children with the right tools so that they can dream a better world and have the courage to build it.

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