Asmodee and Catan Studios celebrate 25 years of tabletop title that ‘gave way to modern games renaissance’

Asmodee and Catan Studios have marked a quarter of a century of the tabletop title Catan with the launch of a special, 25th Anniversary Edition, a roll-out that includes a five to six player extension, custom dice, iridescent player pieces and more.

Honouring 25 years since the launch of Catan under its 1995 moniker Settlers of Catan, the anniversary edition is billed as a ‘great addition to any board game collection,’ as it arrives with an addition scenario – Helpers of Catan – and two packs of Gamegenic card sleeves.

After its release in February 1995 in Nuremberg, Germany, The Settlers of Catan became an instant hit in the European game market and was one of the first “eurogames” to gain popularity among board gamers in the United States. Many credit Catan as being a forerunner of the modern board game renaissance.

“Its iconic modular board made up of hexagonal tiles offers complete variability, meaning players never play the same game twice,” said Asmodee US in a press release. “It hits a sweet spot of being approachable and easy to learn, while also offering enough depth for years of strategic exploration.”

More than 32 million copies of Catan games have been sold in more than 40 languages worldwide.

“We have heard so many stories of families coming together over games of Catan, finding moments of joy during a distressing time in our history,” said Pete Fenlon, CEO of Catan Studio. “We are honoured to introduce so many new gamers to the wide and wonderful world of tabletop games – there is probably no better way to celebrate 25 years than that.”

Catan Studio publishes English-language Catan analogue board game products, produces engaging merchandise, and fosters community growth through organized play and events.

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