Zuru and Toi-Toys end three year litigation as European toy maker agrees not to sell Water Bombs

The European toy company, Toi-Toys ha agreed to cease all trade on its Water Bombs product in 48 countries around the globe, including the USA and member states of the EU, following the conclusion of a dispute between its operations and the global toymaker, Zuru.

The litigation between Zuru and Toi-Toys covered patent, design, and unfair competition claims over the product’s likeness to Zuru’s popular Bunch O Balloons. Zuru asserted its intellectual property and industrial property relating to its Bunch O Balloon product against Toi-Toys.

The cases between Zuru and Toi-Toys were brought in the Netherlands, before the EUIPO and in Germany, as well as in the courts of Duesseldorf and Berlin.

The case had been ongoing for three, having began in 2017 when the parties initiated several legal proceedings against each other. Zuru initially claimed infringement on its alleged IP-rights by Toi-Toys, while Toi-Toys challenged –  amongst others – the validity of these alleged IP-rights.

Zuru and Toi-Toys have now agreed to end all pending litigation matters between them. As part of the ceasefire, Toi-Toys has agreed not to sell its Water Bombs.

The global agreement applies to 48 countries around the globe, including the member states of the EU, the USA, Australia and other Asian as well as African and South American countries.

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