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GoldieBlox ‘returns to its roots in STEM kits’ for new toy range roll-out

GoldieBlox has released a range of four new toy kits each with the aim of making STEM concepts and learning fun and accessible for children, particularly girls, as sector that has previously been under-served in the market.

Each of the new GoldieBlox products is focused on a particular building experience offering up key lessons along the way as they tap into each child or tween’s budding interest in home decor. Each kit also features what it bills as an ‘amazing hack’ for girls to discover along the way.

The new kits launched to GoldieBlox.com and to later be rolled out to Amazon, include the Rainbow Paper Craft Kit – a DIY kit targeting girls who want to create something colourful while incorporating maths and engineering; the Crystal Growing Kit – a kit that combines chemistry and art to allow girls to grow their own crystals and build a geometric terrarium; the Cloud Dream Lamp – a kit that teaches children how clouds are formed and to understand why it rains; and the Light Up Unicorn Pillow – an eco-friendly LED circuit fitted within a pillow to light up.

All of these products directly reflect GoldieBlox’s commitment to bridging the gender equity gap in STEM by making science, tech, math, and engineering fun.

“I am thrilled to introduce this new line of products that show young girls how STEM is a part of everyday life and play,” said Debbie Sterling, GoldieBlox CEO. “We started out as a toy company and this reflects a return to our roots with products that are fun to create but also have hacks that drive open-ended play so girls can explore what interests them most.”

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