John Lewis focuses on sustainability and wellbeing in Top Ten Toys for Christmas 2020

John Lewis & Partners is backing the sustainability movement this festive season with the unveiling of its own Top Ten Toys for Christmas, that this year witnesses the embrace of eco-friendly toys, those themed around climate change, and a range of interactive learning products.

“This year is driven by the importance of learning through play and enhancing communication skills through interaction with toys as children have adapted to playing in smaller groups and with siblings,” said the John Lewis buying team of the trends picked out in this year’s selection.

The retailer has already seen more than a 100 per cent increase in sales of electronic toys this year, while John Lewis partner and toy buyer, Rachel Larkman said: “we have seen incredible demand for outdoor games during lockdown, and believe this trend will continue through to next year.”

Topping the bill for John Lewis in its top toys for Christmas this year is the Micro Eco Scooter, a £129.95 priced scooter that has been made out of recycled fishing nets. The introduction of the scooter to the list is reflective of both the growing attention that consumers are paying to the issue surrounding sustainability in the products they buy, as well as the popularity of the outdoor toy market this year.

At number two is the Brio Smart Tech Sound railway set, priced at £149.99, it is joined in the interactive toy line up by Botley 2.0, a coding robot that helps kids as young as five learn to code. Larkman said: “This year has been incredibly different for all of us and we’ve seen a change in the way parents have been purchasing toys for their children. They’re thinking of ways that will help their children further their learning through play. That’s why we believe the Botley 2.0 (that teaches children to code) will be a popular choice.”

I Heard Your Feelings conversation cards come in at number four, a collection of cards that teach children to look closely at others, while also developing their social intelligence. This is joined by the Earth Heroes Children’s Book, filled with 20 stories of people saving the world, in order to help arm little ones with the knowledge they need to also make a difference.

VTech’s Feathers and Feelings Peacock comes in at number six, followed by the Collector’s Doll at number seven. LEGO makes its appearance with the LEGO Gingerbread House.

“The trend for construction toys such as Lego hasn’t slowed down either this year (61 per cent increase compared to last year) as LEGO noted that 50 per cent of their shoppers bought sets to “build together” with their children during lockdown and we predict this trend to continue into the new year,” said John Lewis.

A Wooden Walker features at number nine, while the list is completed with the addition of the Monopoly Mega Edition, covering the rising demand for board games that has been seen throughout the year.

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