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GP Flair launches new website in move to reflect changes in customer habits

GP Flair has unveiled its updated online presence and new look for its company website, a move that reflects the change in the way that visitors engage with Flair over recent years.

The firm officially launched www.Flairgp.co.uk last week, bringing with it what it bills as a ‘sleek and modern design’ for a ‘fully responsive website for the company’s trade customers to enjoy.’ The wireframe will showcase all the Flair, Giochi Preziosi, and Just Play brand through a website that has been curated for both B2B customers and consumers.

Visitors will be able to see entire collections while viewing the vast amount of TVCs too. The new website will also provide the link page for the firm’s active, consumer facing social media programme. 

Susan Journeaux GP Flair’s marketing services manager, commented: “The way in which visitors engage with Flair has changed greatly over recent years with the majority of visitors using mobile or tablet devices and it was becoming vital, a new portal that was fully responsive and in line with our social media handles / username was high on the agenda for 2020. 

 “We are delighted therefore to finally unveil the new online face of Flair GP that showcases our ranges in more modern, sleek and effective manner and invite all our customers to take a browse and see what’s on offer.”

For more information please go to www.flairgp.co.uk 

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