Toynamics kicks-starts Skip Hop distribution with retailer marketing support

Toynamics has begun its exclusive distribution of Skip Hop products to retailers across the UK and Ireland, delivering the pre-school brand’s products across seven categories including changing bags, on-the-go accessories, bath time, nursery gear, playtime, baby gyms, and the zoo toddler essentials.

These ranges combined have over 150 quality products for both parents and their children including stylish bags, innovative toys and jumpers including the Explore & More Jumpscape. Popular products such as the Sort and Spin Yeti, Zoo Packs and the award-winning Follow Bee Crawl Toy are all still available through Toynamics. 

Toynamics is currently offering all of its retailers full marketing support. This includes online support such as social media, websites, and online advertising as well as print, videos, images and in-store support, which itself includes stands, FSDUs, CDUs, rotating spinners and more. 

Toynamics’ full marketing support, including shop in shop displays, are available for everyone who purchases from any of Toynamics’ toy brands including Hape, Baby Einstein, Nanoblock, Nebulous Stars, PolyM or Kathe Kruse.

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