Zimpli Kids to launch its first full sustainable in-store display in latest green retailing effort

Zimpli Kids is readying to launch its first fully eco-friendly in-store display as the company continues to take strides towards its own sustainability pledge for the future. The new FSDU features the recently launched Gelli and Slime Eco range, plus the Rainnbow and Rocket Baff Bombz.

The new display unit is made up of 99.5 per cent recyclable packaging and all products used to construct it are biodegradable. Zimpli Kids has also made the eco swap to paper bags instead of plastic bags, which can be recycled with the retail box and leaflet, in standard paper/card recycling.

Zimpli’s Eco boxes have also been re-designed to communicate the new multi-use aspect of the company’s best-selling Gelli and Slime products, with each pack now offering six Play Uses or one Bath use.

The FSDU can be pre ordered now and will be available from early October. The new eco range is exclusive to the display pre-Christmas with the full range launching in early 2021.

Sales director, Eejay Enyi, commented: “We have been working hard on reducing our environmental impact with strict guidance from our ISO 14001 accreditation and we are proud to finally be able to offer an FSDU filled with biodegradable products and 99.5 per cent recyclable packaging.

“Toymakers worldwide are increasingly trying to do their bit for the environment as the public’s interest in purchasing Eco friendly products increases. Zimpli Kids Gelli and Slime are loved by children worldwide and we are proud to be able to continue to offer these household name products, with the added peace of mind that they are friendly for the environment.”

The new FSDU includes; Eco Gelli Play, Eco Slime Play, Eco Slime Baff, Eco Gelli Baff, Eco Glitter Slime Baff, Eco Gelli Baff Colour Change and Rainbow and Rocket Baff Bombz.

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