Scottish board game outfit Taxi Game sees sales surge as it readies five new launches for 2020

The Scottish outfit of developers behind the board game Taxi Game has witnessed a sales surge ‘eclipsing even the national increase in board game sales,’ thanks to an increase in demand for the entertainment medium by families spending more time together at home.

The business has seen its best quarterly sales figures since it started out five years ago, and has to date sold more than 30,000 games. The Edinburgh local unit has said it has been ‘blown away’ by the demand for its game throughout Scotland’s lockdown period, and is now keen to launch its newest editions to the market.

Taxi Game already has 13 variations within its portfolio, spanning destinations such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, and New York, as well as sports-themed versions such as Celtic, Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs football clubs, as well as Scottish and English rugby.

The firm is now preparing to launch a further five titles this October, including Rangers FC, Chelsea FC, The Open Golf, plus a Liverpool and a Manchester themed edition. Taxi Game is hoping to capitalise on the current surge in popularity for board gaming and analogue family entertainment.

Director Gordon Drysdale told The Scotsman: “We have been blown away with the success of Taxi Game over the last few months and really looking forward to launching our five new editions in early October. We are particularly delighted to be working with Rangers FC to launch their edition of the game. There has been great demand for this issue for a number of years, and now at last it will be available.

“During lockdown, many people have gone back to basics, spending more time with their family and friends, and playing board games together has been a popular and fun past-time. The feedback we have received from people from across the globe who have bought and played the game has been overwhelming.”


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