Orchard Toys partners with the Department for Education’s Hungry Little Minds campaign

Orchard Toys has detailed its new partnership with the Department for Education’s pre-schooler development campaign, Hungry Little Minds, an initiative that looks to improve early communication, language, and literacy skills in young children.

Under the new partnership, Orchard Toys will be producing a series of free, downloadable activity sheets that can be used by parents and carers to start a conversation with young children, and encourage young minds to get thinking, while having fun together.

Hungry Little Minds aims to encourage parents to spend time with their children by engaging in activities that support their child’s learning.

“With our ethos of supporting and educating children through Learning Made Fun, this is the perfect partnership,” said Orchard Toys via a statement released on the company’s website.

The move has come following a report from the Department for Education that identified that some children in the UK start school months behind their peers. This gap can grow as they move through the education system meaning that by the time they leave school they can be significantly behind their classmates.

“Just 5-10 minutes a day spent chatting, reading or playing can be enough to stimulate a child’s brain which will help set them up for school and beyond,” said Orchard Toys. “One of the ways that we will be working together is with our free, downloadable activity sheets. The activity sheets can be used to start a conversation with young children and to get little minds thinking whilst having fun together.

“We’re extremely excited about this partnership and are delighted to be able to support the Hungry Little Minds initiative and children, click here to view the range of activity sheets.”

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