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23 years on and finally we’re getting a James Cameron’s Titanic board game

It’s only taken 23 years to make happen, but news has finally surfaced that the 1997 James Cameron blockbuster film, Titanic, is getting its own board game. Not only that, but Spin Master Games will be launching the new title to the US market next month.

Titanic: The Game will feature a cast of characters that we have all laughed – and more aptly – cried with at one point or another during the 3hour 14 minute Cameron epic. including Jack, Rose, Cal, and Ruth as they try to save as many passengers as they can while rushing through the sinking ship.

As reported by ComicBook.com, the Titanic itself will be represented by 36 tiles arranged in a 4×9 pattern. During each turn, a different tile is flipped over to its flooded side as players grab passengers and try to put them into lifeboats, all while rushing to the top deck of the ship.

Players score points by saving passengers and playing Star Cards, which can be cards that can only be played in certain rooms, or ask the players to recreate iconic scenes from the movie.

Yes, there is an I’ll Never Let Go card, and yes – it tells the player who played it top hang on the edge of the table ask everyone ‘to prmise to never let go.’ The player only scores points if they can extract a promise from another player, before they let go of the table and sink into the cold depths of the Atlantic Ocean, and thus make cinematic history.

Titanic: The Game is due to be released on August 1st this year.

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