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Very Puzzled launches first Indiegogo campaign to bring diversity into children’s puzzles

A children’s toy manufacturer that has set out to connect children to diversity through play has officially launched its new crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Called Very Puzzled, the company looks to provide a vibrant range of engaging jigsaw puzzles that parents and carers can explore with their children. The concepts is to allow children and puzzlers to learn about integral parts of the world around us, that they may not have necessarily been exposed to before.

Each puzzle in the Very Puzzled collection showcases a variety of historical landmarks and attractions that have been designed to provide topics of conversation and discussion that in turn can be used as a way to learn and offer authentic means of interaction for both children and adults.

Based in London, the company started in 2017 – founded by Patrick Adom, MBA graduate and IT Professional Services Consultant, with the passion to highlight the majesty of Africa and the African Diaspora. Very Puzzled is now exploring other parts of our diverse world and want to showcase other nations rich with culture, such as India, Egypt and Cameroon.

Very Puzzled believe it is important that our children are as exposed to the beauty and strength of diversity and jigsaws are a catalyst towards a greater understanding of the people in our global community.

The Very Puzzled Indiegogo campaign has a goal of £30,000 and is offering support packages with 12 per cent to 50 per cent discounts. For more information, visit Very Puzzled on Indiegogo or at verypuzzled.com.


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