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Apha Group secures master toy rights for Keith Chapman’s newest pre-school series Camp Furly

Keith Chapman, the creator of the global hit PAW Patrol, has partnered with Studio Liddell in the UK, and Alpha Group to develop and produce a new CGI animated pre-school TV series, Camp Furly. The new series aims to inspire children to venture outdoors and connect with the environment and nature.

Alpha Group has already secured the global master toy rights to the property, while Raydar Media will be managing all broadcast and consumer products rights and strategy outside of China and Asia.

The TV series is now in pre-production with an estimated launch in spring/summer 2022. Camp Furly welcomes viewers to join the eco-focused Furlies on their adventures outdoors, as they face challenges set by Camp Skippers who watch over the Furlies as they undertake zip-wiring, rock-climbing, treetop-trekking, and solar-biking.

The show has been described as a ‘seedbed aiming to raise more confident, considerate, and environmentally conscious kids.’

Executive producer, Isaac Lin, head of global content and brands, Alpha Group said: “Our aim is to engage pre-school kids worldwide through vivid animation; to spark their curiosity and imagination around nature; to nurture a playful connection to the amazing, natural world from a young age which may have a more serious, positive change-making impact for this generation’s future.”

Head writer and development consultant, Angela Salt at Salt Content, brings her own lifelong zeal for nature to the show saying, “Writing episodes is like creating a bucket list of the most fun a kid can have outdoors, especially right now, when children around the world have been confined due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Camp Furly is a joyous call to outward bounding. In kids TV, it’s a breath of fresh air.”


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