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UK government to allow e-scooters on the roads in 12 month trial

E-Scooters will be allowed on Britain’s roads for the first time from Saturday, July 4th, the Department for Transport has confirmed. A trial relaxation of the laws keeping them from the streets will be applied to rental electronic scooters as the Government explores ways to introduce greener travel post-lockdown.

It may not be reason for company’s dealing in e-scooters for private use just as yet, as these will remain illegal on roads for the time being. Up until now, e-scooters have only been allowed to be used in the UK on private land. The 12 month trial will be kicking off this weekend to measure them as a form of transport, and whether changes need to be made.

The vehicles are still banned on pavements and will be limited to 15.5 mph. They also come with the recommendation that riders wear helmets.

The UK is one of the later countries to open its roads to for fire e-scooters. They are used as modes of transports around major cities across the US, Italy, and France. Supporters of the e-scooter state that their use will reduce the number of cars on the roads, leading to less traffic and decreases in pollution from car fumes.

The trial comes with a series of caveats. E-scooter rules include that riders have to be 16 or over, have a provisional or full drivers license, only use e-scooters on cycle paths or roads in the same way that cycles do, while privately owned e-scooters remain illegal on the UK’s roads.

The introduction of rental e-scooters will take place in certain cities in the UK.

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